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Consulting Partnerships

Consulting Partnerships

We partner with clients across Australia and New Zealand on an ongoing basis providing bespoke strategic commercial support that gets them great outcomes and helps them grow exponentially.

We generally partner with small to medium Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies.

These partnerships are highly strategic and are generally longer-term in excess of 12 months in duration and deal with systematic issues in a business. We help address and solve issues like:

– Lack of the right internal capability
– Lack of internal strategy and/or process
– Tackling the next phase of growth for your business

We are very strong on building and maintaining relationships here at Hexis Quadrant given we are boutique and not about working with a huge client base. So we do tend to invest lots of time and effort (off our own back) with our clients and ensure we maintain a great relationship.

“Business happens over years and years. Value is measured in the total upside of a business relationship, not by how much you squeezed out in any one deal.”
Mark Cuban

Essentially we become an extension of your team working closely with you to deal with these systematic issues.

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Our consulting capability spans from providing you with executive level support, leadership and guidance, insight and research, strategy and development, right through to practical
implementation and more.

We leverage our deep and broad industry knowledge with 20+ years in sales, category and marketing to work closely with you to solve critical business problems –>

Thinking of forming a partnership with us? or Perhaps you just want to find out more about how we can help solve some of your biggest business challenges?

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Marketing consulting

Did you know that 80% of businesses’ problems originate from lack of proper marketing? Not having a fit-for-purpose marketing strategy can affect so many parts of your business from: consumer acqusition, customer retention, cashflow, your brands success, your company’s reputation and so much more.
But with the right strategy you dont have to be part of this majority that are clearly operating well below their potential capability. We will help you by becoming an extension of your marketing function to lead or support your team whilst simultaneously developing your people across a range of strategic and tactical marketing initiatives including:

– Portfolio architecture
– Brand positioning
– Brand/marketing strategy and planning
– I&R pipeline development and execution
– Comms development and execution
– Agency onboarding and management
– Ongoing evaluation and evolution


Commercial sales consulting

We become an extension of your internal sales function helping grow your business’ market share through regular client interaction either directly or indirectly.
We help you lead or support your team in achieving the best commercial outcomes for your business by meeting and exceeding sales targets, establishing the right mix and delivering against your KPI’s all whilst simultaneously developing your people across a range of strategic and tactical sales initiatives including:

– Design and development of new and evolved distribution models
– Diversification across customers and channels
– Trading terms development, management and negotiation
– Domestic and cross-boarder management of pricing and price increases
– Selling and negotiating with and on behalf of clients
– Customer management and engagement

Category consulting

By looking at your business through close analysis and identifying where the problems and opportunities, we provide a range of category consulting services to support your business and solve business critical problems by developing strategies to win the heart and minds of consumers, the wallets of shoppers and the trust of customers.
We help you to develop, implement or improve:

– Leadership of the category review process
– Market research facilitation and data analysis
– Category roadmap development and implementation
– Ongoing assessment of market/category/brand to support and deliver growth strategies and plans


Capability consulting

To manage and accelerate growth it is critical for organisations to be setup with the right people, with the appropriate capability and have the internal structure and process in place to help them succeed.

Through our immersive process we partner with you on your commercial capability journey to help achieve your learning and development ambition.

We follow a robust and proven six step process illustrated below to deliver an agile and bespoke solution that reflects your organisation’s capability requirements. Its not a one-size-fits all approach. We tailor it for your businesses’ particular requirements and circumstances. If these should change as we work with you, so will our approach to reflect your change or changes.

Initiatives we've led in partnership with our clients

We take our relationships seriously here at Hexis Quadrant and so invest time and effort in the relationship we form with you. Some of the initiatives we successful led and managed with our partners include:

– Channel and market expansion
– Strategic business planning
– Development and implementation of S&OP process
– NPD development and launch
– Trading terms development
– Portfolio price architecture
– Brand positioning and portfolio design
– Customer/agency management
– Executive level leadership by commercial function


Improve your Business' Commercial Outcomes

Our programmes and partnerships cut through the noise and tackle critical business problems, streamline business processes, enhance competitive strategies and improve capability of staff. We leverage innovative and highly practical and highly actionable techniques to enhance your team's ability and unlock the potential within your organisation. Outcomes can include:

Brand health

Consumer-centric brand strategies to drive equity and long term brand value resulting in an increased ROI!

Market share gain

Tailored brand communications and activations that speak to your target audience and even ideal clients and beat the competition

Sales revenue optimisation and profit enhancement

Increased sales and revenue $$$ to achieve market dominance

Customer service improvement

Greater customer satisfaction and alignment leading to stronger relationships and results for the long-term

Organisational cohesion

Reduced employee turnover and an increase in staff engagement and performance. This is a huge challenge facing many businesses worldwide

Personnel development and capability enhancement

Improved people skills as well as commercial skills and acumen across your commercial functions

Operational planning

Clear channel and customer plans with agreed targets and milestones

Streamlined integrated business planning processes

Enhanced commercial processes leading to better execution, processes and transparency

Process efficiency

More agile processes reflective of the current and future needs of your business

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