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Hexis Quadrant is a boutique consulting and training firm providing services to consumer goods and retail businesses within Australia, New Zealand and the UK. We support teams hungry for growth and deliver sustainable, tangible results every time. Each of our consultants and facilitators bring over twenty years of executive-level industry experience across sales, marketing and category. With expertise and knowledge across multiple channels and sectors and markets, our consultants and facilitators support businesses in raising their bottom line through strategy and collaboration. We become an extension of your team and work closely with you in directly addressing and overcoming the challenges you are facing. We are committed to building long-lasting relationships and helping others to succeed as we utilise our collective expertise to provide tailored solutions that improve business performance, sharpen commercial capability and give our clients a competitive commercial edge. We thrive on collaboration and actionability as we educate, strategise and implement tools and techniques that that unlock sustainable growth, and drive a stronger bottom line.

What We Do


Improve commercial performance and deliver long-lasting tangible results with our expert advice and strategies across sales, category and marketing.

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Training and Development

Strengthen and build upon existing commercial capability with The Commercial Academy.

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Improve commercial outcomes

Our programmes and partnerships address critical commercial challenges, streamline processes, enhance strategies, increase competitive advantage, and improve capability of staff. We innovate and implement tools and techniques that strengthen your team’s overall proficiency and capability. Direct outcomes include:

Boosted brand health

Winning strategies that enhance long-term brand equity and increase value, resulting in greater ROI.

Market share gain

Beat the competition with consumer-focused communication that speaks directly to your target audience, generating demand.

Sales revenue optimisation and profit enhancement

Increased sales and revenue $$$ to achieve market dominance.

Improved customer service

Greater customer satisfaction and alignment, leading to strengthened relationships and sustainable, long-term results.

Organisational cohesion

Reduced employee turnover and an increase in staff engagement and performance. This is a huge challenge facing many businesses worldwide.

Personnel development and capability enhancement

Improved people skills as well as commercial skills and acumen across your commercial functions.

Operational planning

Clear channel and customer plans with agreed targets and milestones.

Streamlined process and planning

Simplify and focus on what matters through optimised commercial processes, resulting in better execution and transparency across the business.

Enhanced agility and efficiency

Escalate process efficiency and agility as you connect into culture and capitalise on opportunities.

What our clients are saying

We lead by example

Our team has extensive industry experience within blue-chip companies across a range of channels and markets.

We’ve been in your shoes. Our team has have extensive industry experience within blue-chip companies, across a range of channels and markets. We are commercial leaders with hands-on experience in either supplier or retail roles across grocery, retail, export, pharmaceuticals, FMCG, food, and more. Having all worked at Executive level or higher, we each have a proven track record of driving outstanding results within domestic and international brands. Whatever your business’ challenge, chances are we’ve seen it and overcome it before.


Firstly, we take time to get to know your business, its purpose, vision, challenges, gaps and requirements. From there, we use a guiding framework and formulate a practical and actionable strategy, tailored specifically to you. We incorporate our 20+ years of industry experience to ensure you achieve the best possible outcome. In addition to this, we empower your team to solve problems not only in the present but far into the future. We believe in giving you a strategy that is highly practical and highly actionable. This allows your team to be able to solve problems being faced now and also similar problems in the future if they should arise. You should know that we use a guiding framework that is of course tailor made to your requirements and circumstances along with our 20+ years of industry experience to help you achieve your best business outcomes.
We do, depending on the needs of your business, we work with clients on a retainer basis and provide executive level support where there are either capability gaps or where it might not make financially to engage a full-time service.
We work with supplier-side and retail-side Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands across food, liquor, health & beauty and tobacco, to name a few!
Our practical experience and knowledge in sales, marketing and category across FMCG & CPG spans over 20+ years per consultant. In 2013 we started Hexis Quadrant in London and later, in 2016, we expanded to Australia.

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Hexis Quadrant is a boutique provider of consulting and training solutions for consumer goods and retail businesses.

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