COVID – 19 may not be the biggest contributor to the future of Australia’s foodservice sector

Just when we thought the impact of COVID-19 had a detrimental impact on the foodservice sector in Australia, the recent announcement of Woolworths intention to acquire 65% shareholding of PFD Foodservice (*pending regulatory approval from the ACCC) poses a series of strategic challenges for manufacturers, suppliers and competitors in the food and beverage industry.
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3 stages of Negotiaion

Three Stages of Negotiation

Negotiations between suppliers and customers require a methodical approach in order to extract the best value from your negotiation.The three key stages are simple: What happens before a negotiation What happens during a negotiation What happens after a negotiation To “wing it” or negotiate “on the fly” is likely to lead to missed opportunities and unexpected demands from the other party to which concessions can rapidly follow.
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Multi-Channel Diversification – An Essential Strategy in Today’s Multilayered Marketplace

The retail landscape is changing more rapidly than ever before. As technology continues to advance, the maturation cycle of each change continues to shorten, while ever-changing consumer and shopper behaviours continue to create new channels and opportunities.Despite this dynamic new retail environment, many suppliers have yet to adapt to meet the evolving market place. In order to evolve within these market dynamics, we need to understand how and why the consumer market is evolving with such speed.
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Setting Objectives in a Negotiation – The Importance of Getting it Right

Getting caught out at the critical decision stage…Last month I was reflecting on my first National Account Manager role in conversation with a client. It was my first national customer, and they represented 30% of employers’ revenue. I wanted to prove myself quickly, and a major launch of 12 new products into my customer was my way to do it. My objective was simple, get my customer to accept the entire range!I prepared, I rehearsed my sales presentation, and I was ready. My proposition was realistic, and it received a resounding “Yes”! My boss was going to be very happy.
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Handling Customer Objections in a Meeting

In many courtrooms, objections are either sustained or overruled by a judge. But in a negotiation, the customer plays the judge (and the opposing lawyer, too). Their decision is final, so it’s your job to ensure they make the right call.

As objections are part of most commercial discussions, both in a selling and negotiation meeting so the key is to be prepared. How? By anticipating and planning for them beforehand.

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