Negotiation Workshop 2 Days – Perth

Our Mission

“Realising profit through identifying negotiation opportunities and embedding excellent negotiation behaviours throughout the organisation”

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Negotiation is a skill which needs to be at the forefront of your commercial skill set. But its successful use requires a structured approach.

Our internationally recognised and proven negotiation framework unlocks your potential to maximise commercial returns while maintaining a positive relationship with your customers.

During two intensive days, we help you learn key fundamentals including:

  • The difference between selling and negotiating
  • Seeking opportunities
  • A robust and structured preparation system
  • How to set clear objectives for every negotiation
  • Identifying variables and how to trade them
  • Understanding and influencing the balance of power in a negotiation
  • Assessing peoples’ styles and relationships
  • Driving alignment
  • Negotiation behaviour and tactics
  • Realising benefits from a negotiation

Essential Negotiation is a highly interactive programme which allows you to learn new techniques and practice them through role play sessions.

You will come away with a structured negotiation approach supported by our step-by-step process to prepare your own critical negotiations.

At the conclusion of the Essential Negotiation programme, you will be able to:

  • Seek opportunities to negotiate
  • Complete a detailed preparation plan
  • Set negotiation objectives for both you and your counterpart
  • Identify behaviours and tactics used in negotiations
  • Retain credibility and control
  • Grow average deal sizes in your negotiations
  • Implement successful price rises
  • Improve trade terms with key accounts

ROI is usually 10 times the investment, with key staff able to successfully identify and capitalise on opportunities to improve profitability across the organisation.

Our facilitators each have a minimum of 20 years commercial experience at senior level, and have assisted Blue Chip companies to prepare for critical negotiations.

Our ascension training model supports and strengthens your team’s development into world class negotiators. We provide end-to-end support, embedding learning, building capability, and facilitating measurable change.

We only work with small group workshops, therefore bookings are limited.

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